Regaining My Grit


Verse of the week: Galatians 6:9
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Over the past two years, we’ve all faced a lot, and through those challenging circumstances, we’ve developed grit. 
But doing good things, from raising our kids well, to loving people, and ultimately loving God, can wear us out. Even if we have great habits, or strong values, sometimes we get to the end of the day just thankful we made it. 

This is why the church is so amazing, it’s a supportive community dedicated to loving God and loving people. We can help carry each other’s burdens, and encourage one another to leave them at the cross. To seek the Holy Spirit, and take a big picture look at weariness in our lives. Paul mentions as much to the churches of Galatia, and lays out three big ideas in Galatians 6:9: 

#1 – Doing good can wear you out!
Burnout is something we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s dealing with a crying child, working hours and hours without break, or even showing up early to help out at church on a Sunday morning – we know the feeling of exhaustion, which can lead to impatience and bitterness. 

The path of good is actually riddled with exhaustion. Jesus actually invited us to take up our cross and follow Him. No one said the path will be easy – there will be moments where we feel worn out. The good news is, we can be strengthened by the Holy Spirit, and encouraged by God’s promises. In those moments when we want to give up, God is building in us endurance, knowledge, patience, kindness, genuine love – His Spirit.  

In the face of weariness, don’t shy away from doing the good, but press in and allow God to continue building a gritty endurance in you, and reach out for support. We’re better together, and we all want to encourage each other to pursue the best of what God has for us, even when it can get difficult.

#2 – You don’t have to grow weary.
Although doing good does lead to weary moments, we are not powerless when the weariness starts rising up. In fact, we have the ability to weed out the weary. Have you heard of the Sabbath? It’s a day, once a week, that God has given us permission to do nothing but rest and recover, and worship and play. It’s like a Snow Day, every week! 

Sabbath is more important than ever in an increasingly busy world. Don’t we all need rest? See, God knows that we’re going to have weary moments on the journey of bearing one another’s burdens. If we don’t, we’re probably not following the calling He’s intended for our lives. But God’s also called us into rest, through His grace. He knows things can get difficult, and He has given us Biblical permission to relax. Because let’s face it – we all need a little R&R to dig back in the next week!  

What does Sabbath look like in your life today?

#3 – You will reap.
Even when we have dedicated time to rest, it can still be tough to believe the best is yet to come. Especially when we’re worn out – when everything in life is a battle to make it through. But now is the time to stay gritty. To change the battle from being about a pandemic to being about the name of Jesus being known by the next generation. What decisions are we making today that our families, friends, and community will thank you for tomorrow? It’s up to us to put in the work, so we can speak in those relationships and reap a generation that knows the presence of Jesus. 

Here’s the promise. If you do the good things God has called you to, you will reap a harvest. The future will be bright. Don't give up.

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