Break the ice

Find a comfy place in your home to gather together as a family.
Grab some snacks, grab your Bible, and get ready to make a moment of it!

Start off by having each person take a turn discussing the following prompt:

Who is a hero to you? Why would you call them a hero?

Let's Praise

Worship moment

Let’s get into a time of worship! Take a moment to stand/ stretch and then go ahead and play some worship music in your home. Have fun with it! Raise your hands, jump, close your eyes – engage in the worship moment as a family. It is special.

Great job worshipping R-Kids!
When we worship, we can thank God for loving us unconditionally and for sending His one and only son to save
us from our mistakes!

Big idea:
I can believe because Jesus is alive.

Bible Lesson & MEMORY VERSE

Our Bible verse today tells us that God gave us the Bible so we can learn more about Jesus. When we
choose to believe in Jesus, we will have eternal life.

Now, let’s say it all together:
“For God so loved the world that He gave His oneand only Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."
- John 3:16

Today’s lesson is titled: "Jesus' Sacrifice"

Today we’ll learn about when Jesus died to save us and then came back to life.

Jesus is forced to endure the punishment of a criminal—death on a cross—even though he himself is sinless.
Why? Because Jesus is our Savior, taking the punishment for our wrong doings.
But the story doesn’t end there! Jesus comes back to life in three days.
Jesus is alive!


Jesus is our Saviour. A saviour is a kind of a hero. It’s a person who rescues someone. A savior is someone who rescues or saves other people from danger or even death. Superheroes might be an example of pretend saviours. Superheroes are pretend people who do made-up things. But Jesus is very real, and he really rescued all of us from death! Let’s see how he did that.

Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong. Ever! But some people thought he had done wrong things. They thought it was wrong of him to say he is God, because they didn’t know that was really true. Back when Jesus was on earth, the law worked differently. Today, someone might get arrested and put in prison for doing something wrong.
But during the time that Jesus lived on earth, punishments were really harsh.

READ Luke 23:33-43

Jesus came to earth as a humble baby, but He ultimately came so that He could die on the cross.
In so doing, He saved us from our sin consequences and allows us to live forever with Him!

What can we learn from this passage?
Jesus died for everyone. Not just people we might think are “good” or “bad”, but everyone.
We all mess up and do things wrong, but Christ loves us anyway. He wanted His accusers and tormentors to be forgiven. He told the repentant man next to Him that He was forgiven, also. This is what He came to Earth for.

It’s great to rejoice in His birth and coming. But let’s not forget why He came. The grace of God and salvation in Jesus should make us rejoice every day. We know that this is the greatest gift we could hope for! It can’t be wrapped or boxed up, exactly, but it is a blessing and a beautiful thing. God loves us enough to die.
He wants us to be with Him eternally.
Jesus promised life.

What an amazing present!


Go deeper

family discussion questions

5-9 year olds

True or False? Jesus wants to be in relationship with YOU?

Why did Jesus ask God to forgive those that killed him?

What cleanses us from our sins? 1 John 1:7

Describe 3 ways we can show our gratitude to Jesus.

Name some reasons Jesus voluntarily gave his life for us.

family activity

THIS ACTIVITY WILL remind us of God’s love for us.

Cardstock paper, Bottle of glue (such as Elmers), table salt, liquid watercolour/food colouring,
paint brushes or droppers.

Squeeze glue designs onto your card stock - Use your glue to draw a design or picture onto your cardstock.

Sprinkle with salt - Carefully sprinkle salt onto cardstock until the glue is thoroughly covered. Tip to let excess salt fall away. A baking dish or tray helps to contain the salt.

Add color! Dip your paint brush into liquid watercolor paint then gently touch to the salt-covered glue lines. Watch the paint “magically” travel in both directions!

Let dry thoroughlyThe drying process may take a day or two.


    Pray it out


    Write down your prayer requests and then pray together over each request.

    Dear God,
    We can’t thank you enough for sending Jesus to die for our sins.
    May we think of this forever and live for Him each day!
    We love you
    In Jesus' Name