Break the ice

Find a comfy place in your home to gather together as a family.
Grab some snacks, grab your Bible, and get ready to make a moment of it!

Start off by having each person take a turn discussing the following prompt:

I want you to think about a person that you would be most excited to see right now.
Who would be the person that you would just be so happy to see walk through the door right now?

Let's Praise

Worship moment

Let’s get into a time of worship! Take a moment to stand/ stretch and then go ahead and play some worship music in your home. Have fun with it! Raise your hands, jump, close your eyes – engage in the worship moment as a family. It is special.

Great job worshipping R-Kids!
When we worship, we can thank God for loving us unconditionally and for sending His one and only son to save
us from our mistakes!

Big idea:
I will celebrate Jesus as my good King.

Bible Lesson & MEMORY VERSE

Our Bible verse today tells us that God gave us the Bible so we can learn more about Jesus. When we
choose to believe in Jesus, we will have eternal life.

Now, let’s say it all together:
“For God so loved the world that He gave His oneand only Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."
- John 3:16

Today’s lesson is titled: "Jesus is our Saviour and King"

In our story today we are going to hear about how excited people were when they saw a king
walking along the road to the city of Jerusalem.

This story is in the Bible, in one of the two of the four gospel accounts, Luke and John.
In the gospels we read about the life of Jesus while he lived on earth.

BIBLE STORY - "The Triumphal Entry"

Read John 12 : 12-19

Jesus and his disciples were on their way to Jerusalem right before the Passover celebration. Passover was the holiday for the Jews where they celebrated all that God had done when he brought them out of Egypt. Many people came to Jerusalem to the temple for Passover, so the roads were crowded with people. When Jesus and his disciples got to the town named Bethany Jesus told his two of his disciples to go into the town and bring him a young donkey that was tied up in a certain place.

He said, “If anyone asks you why you are untying the colt tell them, ‘The Lord needs it.” Sure enough, when the disciples were untying the colt a man asked them what they were doing. When they explained that the Lord needed the colt, the man left them alone. They brought the colt to Jesus and laid their cloaks on its back to make a saddle. Then Jesus rode the rest of the way to Jerusalem on the colt.

As Jesus was riding up the rode to Jerusalem a lot of people started to recognize him.
Some of them knew him from when he raised Lazarus from the dead. Others had heard of his great miracles of healing the sick. Everyone was glad to see him. They were so glad that they started laying their coats in the rode for him to ride on as he passed. Some of them even began waving palm branches.

When he came near the place where the rode goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” Everyone was glad to see Jesus! Well, almost everyone. The Pharisees were also there watching Jesus ride by but they weren’t glad to see him at all. You see they were mad that Jesus was getting so much attention. They were the religious leaders of the day so they thought they deserved all the attention and praise!

What can we learn from this passage?
Every story in the Bible points to God’s love for his people.
We can learn something about him on every page of His Word!
Another thing we learn is that when we experience God’s goodness and grace we must respond in some way.

That’s worth celebrating!

Go deeper

family discussion questions

5-9 year olds

How did people act when they saw Jesus?

What did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

What did the people spread out on the road as Jesus entered?

Why did Jesus drive people out of the temple?

Have you ever been asked who Jesus is? Who would you say Jesus is?

family activity

THIS ACTIVITY WILL remind us of God’s love for us.


Green construction paper, scissors, popsicle stick

You are going to have fun celebrating Palm Sunday with these paper handprint palm branches.
Trace your handprints, cut them out and glue them onto craft sticks ….then proceed to dance around and have a good time!


    Pray it out


    Write down your prayer requests and then pray together over each request.

    Dear God,
    Thank you so much for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that we may be forgiven.
    Thank you for allowing us to hear the story of Palm Sunday today, and help us to respond to your
    goodness and grace with thanksgiving and praise.
    We love you
    In Jesus' Name