FEBRUARY 21 - online experience plan

Break the ice

Find a comfy place in your home to gather together as a family. Grab some snacks, grab your Bible, and get ready to make a moment of it!

Start off by having each person take a turn discussing the following prompt:

How do you show someone you love them?

Let's Praise

Worship moment

Let’s get into a time of worship! Take a moment to stand/ stretch and then go ahead and play some worship music in your home. Have fun with it! Raise your hands, jump, close your eyes – engage in the worship moment as a family. It is special.

Great job worshipping R-Kids!
When we worship, we can thank God for loving us unconditionally and for sending His one and only son to save
us from our mistakes!

Big idea:
Jesus Gave His Life As an Act of True Love!

Bible Lesson & MEMORY VERSE

Our Bible verse today tells us that God gave us the Bible so we can learn more about Jesus. When we
choose to believe in Jesus, we will have eternal life.

Now, let’s say it all together:
“This is my command: Love each other as I have loved you.”
John 15:12

Today’s lesson is titled: "Just as I have Loved You"
We all know ways to love others.  Like being kind to them, or forgiving them.  
But that doesn’t tell us everything about love. Who are supposed to love?  And how much?  
I think our memory verse today helps us to know how.

God commands us to love each other.  
And by each other, He means everyone. God commands us to love exactly like He loves.

That’s pretty big, don’t you think?  I mean, is that even possible?!?
Truthfully the answer is no.  We are all sinners who mess up, but God is pure and never makes any mistakes.  
But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying.  This is what God asks us to do.


Read John 15

In the story, Jesus is like the vine that gives the branches food, water and everything it needs to grow fruit. We are like the branches that grow out of the vine. When we’re connected to Jesus, we’ll produce fruit, too. Now, we won’t grow actual fruit but we’ll grow the fruits of the Spirit like love, joy, and patience. But, if we disconnect from Jesus, we won’t be able to produce fruit and we’ll eventually be like a dead branch.

So, if we want to see spiritual fruit, we need to die to self and allow God to work in our lives! God’s part is to do the pruning; our part is to deny self and to be patient while He does His work—trusting that He will complete His work so we will be just like Jesus!

So, Rkids, remember to stay connected to Jesus so you can produce fruit that honors God.

Go deeper

family discussion questions

5-9 year olds

What’s your favourite fruit? Name all the things you need to grow a healthy fruit tree.

Who is the vine? Jesus

Who is the gardener? The Father

What does the gardener do? He cuts away the dead branches, the ones that don’t produce any fruit.

Read 1 John 4:9-11. How did Jesus show how much he loves us? How can you show love for your friends and siblings?

List some of the things that you can do to stay connected to Jesus.

family activity

THIS ACTIVITY WILL remind us of God’s love for us.


Paper, Scissors, Glue, Coloured paper, pencil crayons
Your siblings, or mom and dad!

You are now going to have to complete task while they are literally connected to each other - like a branch to a vine!

Join hands with a brother, sister, mom or dad to form a line.
You must hold hands and CANNOT let go.
See if you can perform the tasks quickly while your hands are tapped together.
Make it a race! Put a timer on and see how quickly you can complete each task!

Here are some suggestions:
Fold a paper airplane.
Cut out a shape from a piece of paper.
Roll up a piece of paper and put a rubber bandaround it.
Untie and tie the shoe of someone in the room.

“What was fun? Hard? Easy?
What did you have to do to be successful?
Just like we had to stay connected during the game,
we have to make sure that we are staying connected to Jesus all the time!”


Pray it out

Jesus Gave His Life As an Act of True Love!

Write down your prayer requests and then pray together over each request.

Dear God,
Help us to remember that apart from you, we can do nothing. Help us to remember that we need to stay plugged in to Jesus if we are going to produce the kind of fruit you expect. Help us tap into Your power through reading Your Word, and praying. We love You, and we can’t wait to see what You will do in our lives in the weeks and months and years ahead as we strive to stay connected to You and to each other. We love you so much.
In Jesus's Name