April 25 - online experience plan

Break the ice

Find a comfy place in your home to gather together as a family. Grab some snacks, grab your Bible, and get ready to make a moment of it!

Start off by having each person take a turn discussing the following prompt:

Have you ever been to a parade where you couldn’t see over the person in front of you?

It isn't much fun to go to a parade if you can't see the marching bands,
the floats, or the fire trucks with their flashing lights, is it?

Today’s Bible story is about a man who went to a parade, but couldn't see above the crowd. The main attraction in this parade was Jesus. He had become quite famous because he had performed many miracles. He had raised Lazarus from the dead and had restored sight to a blind man named Bartimaus, so when he entered the city of Jericho, the atmosphere was very much like a circus parade. People lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse of Jesus. One of the people in the crowd was a man who was very short. He was so short that he couldn’t see above all the people in the crowd. You probably know this man's name, don't you? That's right, it was Zacchaeus.

Let's Praise

Worship moment

Let’s get into a time of worship! Take a moment to stand/ stretch and then go ahead and play some worship music in your home. Have fun with it! Raise your hands, jump, close your eyes – engage in the worship moment as a family. It is special.

Big idea:
I can choose the door that leads to Jesus.


“Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of His understanding.”
Proverbs 3:5


BIBLE STORY "Jesus brings salvation to Zacchaeus’ house."

READ Luke 19:1-10

Jesus loved all kinds of people, and often associated with those that others did not like so much. He changed lives by this love, and transformed how people felt and behaved. Jesus offered mercy and forgiveness, and because of that we should demonstrate unconditional love to one another.

Let's watch the video below!

Early Childhood video

elementary video

Summary: Jesus demonstrated grace by showing love to the tax collector (Zacchaeus) and giving him a second chance. In return, Zacchaeus truly had a change of heart, which is possible for anyone who meets Christ.

Go deeper

family discussion questions

the Bible is God’s guide for us every day. The Bible is God’s way to guide us through our lives by giving us accounts of great examples of how we should live.

Zacchaeus sought Jesus, and got closer to him than he had hoped. God says if we seek him, we will find him. He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled. Many people wonder where God is in their lives, but never go looking for him.

What are some ways we can seek after God in our lives?

Zacchaeus didn't use his shortness as an excuse to quit looking for Jesus.

What obstacles do we have to overcome to see Jesus? Are any of these obstacles great enough to separate us from Jesus?

Describe how Zacchaeus must have felt when Jesus said he was coming to his house.

How would you feel if Jesus came to your house?

family activity



Materials needed:

    Pray it out

    Let's talk to god

    You did it! You just took a deep dive into God’s Word – together! Let’s take time now to talk to God.
    Ask your child to share things they’d like to pray about.
    Write down their prayer requests and then pray together over each request.

    Dear God,
    Thank you  God for loving us and knowing us by name. Help us to share the love of Christ
    with one another, especially those who struggle or are less popular.We love you!
    In Jesus' Name